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Affiliate advertising
The products and services you see within this site are affiliate programs operated by the parent company (the advertiser) of the link. They pay us a commission on sales after you click through to them. The links generate a piece of code that lets them know you came from this website. This allows the advertiser to pay us a commission on anything you buy from them.

do not pay any extra for the products or services as a result of this. The prices will be the same whether you go directly to their websites or click through from this one. If you were going to buy anyway, then why not support a charity with a bit of commission!

Affiliate commissions to charity
We offer a vote for our users to choose a charity to receive 50% of the net profits for each month. Our chosen charity list may vary each month but you get to vote as to which charity wins this months donations. To vote for a charity and see which ones are in this months list, see the section at the bottom of each page.

Why not 100% to charity? We would love to give 100% to charity but programmes like this have operating expenses, tax(es) and salaries to pay along with investment needed to progress this cause.

The better we do, the more the charities benefit!

How clicks for charity works

Credit: Image by Jan Krukov from pexels.com